Activity Options

Study Tour Activities

Listed below are just some of the activities that are available to students studying in Perth.  The activities and sights give students the opportunity to learn more about the culture of Australia and its people whilst having fun.

Adventure World

Enjoy many activities ranging from go-karting, sky-rail, paddle and bumper boats, water slides, swimming pool amusement rides and much more.  Available only from October to April.

Aquarium of Western Australia

Embark on an undersea Adventure at AQWA and come face to face with over four thousand sea creatures.  See the experience divers hand fee many sizes and varieties of fish, rays and SHARKS in the huge aquarium.  Be entertained by they are fed and play with their trainers.  Include a shopping stop at Hillary’s Boat Harbour and you have the recipe for a perfect afternoon!

Art Galley of Western Australia

The students spend an afternoon looking at Australian art and art from all over the world.  The Gallery opened in 1895 and houses the State Art Collection.  The Collection now has over 15,000 artworks of which approximately 10% are on display in the gallery at any one time, this may include painting, prints, sculpture, photography and craft. The Gallery has both Historical and contemporary work and an excellent display of Indigenous art. Collection displays are rotated regularly and are supported by a program of temporary exhibitions.

For an afternoon full of Australian culture and heritage visit the Art Gallery and Museum in the same afternoon.

Aussie Sports

Enjoy an afternoon learning about what we Australian’s call our national sports.  Australian Rules is the most exciting game on the planet, learn the rules (It really does have rules!) and have a kick of our oddly shaped ball.  Find our about cricket, a game played in most Commonwealth countries and is spreading throughout Asia.  Also enjoy basketball, volleyball and badminton.

Botanic Golf

Be in harmony with nature as you play a round of mini-golf on the 36-hole mini-golf course sent in 5 acres of magnificent botanic gardens.

Caversham Wildlife Park

See the cute and cuddly koalas at Caversham Wildlife Park.  Feed the kangaroos and learn about their fascinating life cycle.  The home is also home to many native animals including wombats, emus, camels, dingoes and Tasmanian Devils.

Fremantle Markets

The Fremantle Markets were opened in 1975 and are the state’s best markets.  There are over 140 shops and stall offering all kinds of food and a wide range of uniquely West Australian products.  For a full day excursion, this can be combined with a guided tour of the Fremantle Prison, or a Swan River cruise and tour of Fremantle’s 4 harbours followed by a leisurely lunch at one of Fremantle’s many cafés or the best fish and chips in Perth!

Fremantle Prison

The Fremantle Prison is a 14 acre walled enclosure situated on a hill overlooking the old port city of Fremantle.  Originally built as a public works prison.  It housed convicts transported from Britain in 1850 as cheap labour to build roads and bridges for the new colony.

The Prison was closed in 1991 and the prisoners were moved to the new prison in Casuarina.  In recognition of the significance of the Prison to the history of Western Australia The site was listed under the State Heritage Act and is now a Museum.  The Prison also offers “spooky” night tours!


Escape the heat and ice skate in a fully supervised arena with lunch bar facilities.  Skate hire is provided with the service.  Staff are very helpful when it comes to teaching in-experienced skaters.

Indoor Rock Climbing

For those who want to try something a little different, there’s indoor rock climbing.  The climbing gym has a wide range of vertical walls, slabs and overhangs to suit everyone from beginners to the advanced climber.  All safety equipment and a training session is supplied.

Kings Park

This native park is over 400 hectares of natural bush and gardens overlooking the heart of Perth.  The park supports 250 species of plants and is home to at least 100 different species of animal.  There are many walking and cycle paths throughout Kings Park which enable you to relax and enjoy its beauty. 

Students can enjoy a one or two hour guided walk through the park or make it part of a Perth City tour with a visit to the black swans at Lake Monger followed by a trip (and maybe a dip!) to one of our beautiful beaches.

Laser Game

Fun for all ages, a laser game is the high intensity, action packed laser game that everyone can enjoy.  Teams are formed and then it is every man or woman for themselves as you navigate mazes and obstacles in a huge 2 storey warehouse to get to the opposition’s base… before they get to yours.

Local School Visits*

Visit a local high school and meet Australian students.  Students enjoy a cultural exchange and are taken on a tour of the high school.

* Only available during school terms

Penguin & Seal Island Cruise

Relax and enjoy a cruise on the waters of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park.  You’ll see and learn about the little penguins and sea lions of Penguin Island and Seal Island.  The Australian sea lion is now a protected species and up to 40 regularly visit Seal Island.  Approximately 500- 700 pairs of little penguins visit the island, making Penguin Island the largest breeding colony in Western Australia.

Students will also see dolphins, rare species of birds on their feeding grounds, hermit caves and some spectacular rock formations on and around the Island.

Perth Mint

The Perth Mint is Australia’s leading precious metals house as well as being Australia’s oldest operating mint.  The Perth Mint opened in mid 1899 to refine the gold being discovered in the gold rushes in the states eastern goldfields at Kalgoorlie to turn into British sovereigns and half sovereigns.  It was transferred from British control to state control in 1970.

Visitors to the mint can see a gold pour in the melt house, a range of mineral specimens and gold nuggets, touch and try to pick up a $200,000 gold bar and watch the production of precious metal coins.

Perth Zoo

The Perth Zoo is a fantastic way to spend the day or afternoon with plenty to see and do.  Perth Zoo has hundreds of animals all set in their natural environments and is a great way to see some of Australia’s unique native species up-close.

Pinnacles Day Tour

The Pinnacles Day Tour is a full day tour excursion leaving at 7:30am and returning to campus at 6:30pm.  The Pinnacles are one of Australia’s natural wonders and attract people from all over the world.  Also included in the tour transportation in a 4WD, lunch and the not to be missed opportunity to try sand boarding. 

Yanchep National Park can also be included if time permits.

Riverside BBQ

Enjoy a fun afternoon in the sun on the banks of the Swan River.  Students can either hire a bicycle and ride around the river or join in with group activities and help cook the traditional Aussie BBQ lunch.

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island lies on Perth’s doorstep, just 30 minutes by ferry from Fremantle, or 15 minutes by plane from Perth.  Rottnest Island is an A-Class Reserve, which enjoys a semi-arid Mediterranean style climate. It boasts some of the finest beaches and bays in the world together with a unique style of architecture dating back to the 1800’s.

Rottnest Island has activities to suit everyone’s tastes, from a day surfing, snorkelling, bike riding to a quiet stroll around the Island’s historic sites.

The Island is also home to the Quokka.  The first European’s to the Island mistook them for giant rats giving Rottnest Island its name.


Explore and learn about the world at Australia’s hands-on discovery centre, SciTech.  There are over 160 interactive exhibits, including an electrifying theatre show.

Shopping in Perth

Take the opportunity to go shopping in the heart of the city with the option or having lunch, seeing a movie or visiting the Cultural Centre for a visit to the Art Gallery or Museum.

Subiaco Markets

The Subiaco Pavilion Markets are housed in a 30 year old converted warehouse.  The markets feature a large food hall as well as 60 specialty stalls.  Across the road lie the Station St markets, which are made from old train carriages.

Swan River Cruises

Discover Perth’s history whilst enjoying a relaxing cruise along the beautiful Swan River.  Students can go up stream to the wineries in the Swan Valley or down-stream to historic Fremantle.


Perth enjoys more hours of sunlight than any other capital city in Australia.  Its warm sunny climate, clear blue skies and beautiful beaches make it impossible to resist a dip.  Swimming is one of Australia’s favourite past-times and with one visit you’ll be hooked. 

If you prefer to admire the beach instead of swimming, there are many beachside cafés that serve coffee almost as good as the view.

Ten Pin Bowling

This is an ideal way for the students to get to know each other and practice their new English skills whilst having a great time.  Centres provide the shoe hire and the rest is up to you!

Tumbulgum Farm

Located within Whiteman Park, Tumbulgum Farm offers a complete traditional Australian experience featuring interactive live shows.  In the Farm Show, students can try their hands at milking a cow, cracking a whip, feeding the lambs and enjoy a hayride. They will see the Kelpie sheepdogs mustering the sheep and watch a sheep being shorn.

Western Australia Museum

The Western Australian Museum was established in 1891.  The collections, currently numbering over two million specimens/artifacts, are the primary focus of research by the Museum’s staff. The aim is to advance knowledge on them and communicate it to the public through a variety of media, but particularly a program of exhibitions and publications.

Yanchep National Park

Visit this beautiful national park for a chance to see koalas, kangaroos and some emus.  Take a tour of the Crystal Cave to see stalactites and stalagmites or a boat ride on the lake or just relax under the gum trees.