Host Family Information

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$240 PER WEEK paid on a pro-rata basis.

The student must have their own room, containing bed, wardrobe and desk/table and chair.  Breakfast and dinner is included Monday to Friday and all meals at weekends.


We take students on group tours as young as 13 and 14 but this is not frequent and usually only for 2-3 weeks.  Generally the students are between 15 and 17 years of age. 


All students will be picked up and dropped off by Kicky Tours.  If they arrive late in the evening then we will arrange for a bus to drop them at your house, otherwise you will be required to collect them from their campus of study.  Kicky Tours will send detailed information on where and when to pick up your student when we finalise the placement.


Students can start on any week day.  Kicky Tours will send you a detailed itinerary with their start date and start time.  Please help the student to get to campus on their first day.  As they are young, it would be best if you or another student staying with you accompanied them for the first day or so.  If you plan to collect your student after school on their first day, please make sure you give them a note or speak to a tour leader, quite often with the excitement of a new city and a new school, students can forget the arrangements!


Students are required to be home by dark or 6pm (whichever is earlier).  If they are not home at this time and they have not contacted you, please get in touch with Kicky Tours.  If the student has a mobile phone, please call that first.  Students under 18 are not supposed to go out at night unless it’s a group activity or accompanied by an adult.  If you are worried, please get in touch with us


We guarantee to our students that there will be no other guest in the family who speaks his/her language.  You must accept this is a condition of Kicky Tours placing students with you and it is your responsibility to advise us.  No more than three students per household.


We strongly advise that you explain the rules of your house when you meet your student – some families find it helpful to cross the language barrier by writing the rules in the student’s bedroom so they can comprehend at their own pace.  It’s better to tell your guest about meals times, use of the phone, smoking etc, rather than the embarrassment of having to say “don’t” later on. 


Some of the students will have a mobile phone or an Australian SIM card.  In that case you will be able to contact them easily.  If you have a spare mobile in the house, you can lend it to them but make sure they know when to use it and how to turn it on and off!  The tour leader will always a mobile phone that you can contact them on.  Please ask your student to provide it.


In the case of after hours emergencies ONLY, call 0431681908.


As we have a small child it’s often difficult to answer the phone.  We would prefer if possible that you send a text message or an email so that we can get back to you.  We will contact you by email or text message in most cases.


We have never had a case of a student suing a family or vice versa but in this litigious society of ours, we’d like to draw your attention to the fact that host family insurance is now available.  We are not recommending for or against this insurance, rather reminding you to check your current household insurance to see what you’re covered for.


Our students come from many countries, predominantly Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. 


Group study tour students are mostly under 18.  They travel with tour leaders that act as guardians that can be contacted if there is a problem.  You will be paid on a nightly basis.  You will be paid for the whole period of the tour after the group arrive.  We will advise you of the rate per student when we confirm the booking.

If a student is moved, either by your request or by the group leader’s request, we will pay only for the nights that the student has stayed. 

Kicky Tours guarantee that these students will be the only ones of that language group staying with your family.  If this is not the case, the student will be moved and you will need to refund the whole accommodation fee regardless of the nights stayed.  For example if you are hosting a Taiwanese student then you may not also host a student from Hong Kong or Mainland China. 


Payment is made directly to your bank account (savings or cheque) on the Wednesday following your student’s arrival.  It can sometimes take a couple of days for the first payment to go through, please contact us if you have not received it by Friday.  You will be paid for whole study tour at once.  Please make sure that we have your correct bank details.  It’s your responsibility to advise us if these details change. 

If your student is moved, an invoice will be sent for the balance of their accommodation fees.  Our terms are 7 days, please contact me if there is a problem with refunding the money.


We require a Police Clearance for each family member over the age of 18 who lives in your home, please send this in with your application.  If you would like to host the under 18 students, we would like the host mother and/or father to apply for a Working with Children Check in addition.  You can apply for both of these through your local Post Office.  The fee is $50.


All placements are made over the phone or by email.  If you don’t hear from us again, this means you have a student booked in.  Kicky Tours will send a letter with your student’s details as final confirmation; this will be about 2-3 weeks before the group arrive.  If you have an email address, please advise the homestay co-ordinator.  Our busy periods are June to August and December to February each year so please understand that at other times homestay may be occasional.  Do NOT rely on homestay as a form of income.


It is not necessary to drive students around but please give each student a timetable and detailed instructions of how to catch the bus and/or train to the College and to get back home again.  If possible, please accompany your student on the first day to show them the way to and from school.  Many of the students will have a pre-loaded smart rider to get to and from school each day, please help them to use it.


As the students are quite young they have probably never done their own washing before.  If you plan to do their washing for them, please give them clear instructions on what day it’s done and where to leave their dirty washing.  If you prefer they do it themselves, again give clear instructions on how to use the washing machine.  Its perhaps best if you write it down for them with pictures!


The students will often ask if their friends can stay over or if they can stay over with them.  It’s up to you to decide.  If you are happy to have another student (or two) to stay one night, please check with the other host families that they know it’s OK.  If you have any queries about it, please contact their group leader.


Students have chosen homestay because it has proven to be a very effective way to improve their English.  Please remember that homestay is a mutual cultural exchange.  Make time to talk to your student every day and if you treat them as a part of your family, they will more than likely respond in the same way.  Our most common complaints are:  I did not feel welcome; the family was only interested in the money; the family watched TV more than they spoke to me; food was not good/not enough; too far from college; the house was not clean; too much fast food (and I was asked to pay for my meal); eating meals in front of the TV.

Students are asked to fill in a feedback form at the end of their stay to assist us in making future placements.